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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Oh no she didnt......

So.. i've been looking for inspiration for new blog topics/ideas.. Well! I found one that said.. "Write about your most embarrasing memory".. Me being the quirky .. nerdy.. individual I am have a lot of moments when i've been embarrassed so why not tell you some of my own.Just as long as you promise not to go back & tell all my friends.. Shhhh.

My most embarrassing memory I have for this latest school year (Junior Year) would be when I came back from Christmas break. You know the routine.. everyone gets new clothes and expensive things soo.. they decide to show em off a bit! Well.. I decided to wear some of my new clothing . BAD IDEA. I was walking into school and as I turned the corner I felt something wet.. So, I looked down to see I was practically standing in a puddle of water where the water fountain had over flown. Well.. I kinda shrugged it off and managed to move out of the water.. well the moment I stepped out of the water I went off the ground and about 3 feet in the air. I slipt. Oh! & did I mention that I had a cup of orange juice in my hand that managed to spill in the process and just go all over the front of my shirt.. I was so embarrassed I started laughing so I wouldn't begin to cry. I mean.. when I hit the floor you could hear a thump. I was soaked beyond belief... With that being said I had to go home and change before school even started.. Did I mention this happened in front of a large group of people.. Ugh only me... lol

Whats the most embarrassing thing thats ever happened to you?! Comment! I'd love to hear your stories.

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