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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

My life as of now.. well the majority of it ! lol

You know.. I've never been one to complain about being out of school.. but as of right now. I am more than ready for senior year to begin! Friday I get to go in and take my senior yearbook photo.. I am excited yet nervous. Because let's face it.. my smile is.. lets just say.. not the best. That's probably one of my top insecurities. Maybe I will just do one of my funny gestures and stick out my tounge lol. Senior year has lots instore for me.. Student council.. Teacher Cadet.. Yearbook staff.. and not to mention some honors classes I have.. I have to start applying for scholarships.. Actually decided what career I want to pursue.. Visit different colleges.. SOOO.MUCHHH. omg. I'm kinda scared about going to live on campus and being away from my family.. I'm sort of a home body if you couldn't already tell.. Lol... But as of right now things seem to be going good! I actually had a lot of fun today my dad gave my brother a hair cut.. & I got to help! Scary I know... lol but I think he likes it.. and hey! Saves us a couple bucks. Maybe I will cut hair for a living.. lol na. I'd probably make someone bald D: Relationship wise.. I'm still single.. lol just like I was when I created this blog. Umm.. I do like this guy but I feel things wouldn't work out for certain reasons... 

I have a question for you guys..

If you really like someone and you are apart of one religion but they don't necessarily agree.. what do you do? would the relationship work out?

Comment your opinions below! I'd LOVE to hear from you guys!! :)

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