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Guest Blogging~

So.. I actually got this idea from multiple teen bloggers i've seen but .. GUEST BLOGGGINGG! Often times I don't have time to get on every single day & write something.. & if I did it wouldn't be good! So.. basically i'd like to encourage some of you to maybe email with a piece if you would like & maybe it could be featured on my blog! :) I'd love to do the same for yours if you're into guest blogging.. All I ask is that you don't send anything vulgar.. it can be related advice.. be creative! The way to get in contact with me about guest blogging would be to email me !

If you would like to email me just comment below & I can get in contact with you.. or if you don't want to email just comment below also and we will find a way to work things out !

I know you all probably get tired of reading what I have to say so why not make it a little more interesting & let someone else talk for a change! :) 

I also ask that you put some thought & effort into your piece don't just write two sentences .. and no it doesn't have to be 4 pages either! Be specific on your topic ! I'm sure the readers will love what you have to say & I myself am very excited to hear from you guys ! 

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