My amazing readers :)

About Me:

Well.. Hey so I suppose since you're reading my blog you may want to know a little something about me !

-I love writing! As you can tell.. lol why else would I be writing on a blog?!
-Reading= <3 yes.. I know I can be a nerd sometimes
-Jesus above all: I am a christian that has a deep burning love for my savior 
-I love to play soccer!
-I would love to travel the world one day
-I love to sing~ even though it might not be the best
-I hope one day to become a oncology nurse helping out cancer patients or any nurse really <3
-I am currently 17
-My favorite color is either blue or lime green
-Favorite candy: Milky way
-Favorite food: Mexican food <3
-Favorite subject: English
-Favorite book: Safe Haven 
-Favorite movie: Grease
-Pets? 3 doggies..4 cats inside.. and 5 outside "we are kind of running a farm :D"
-Favorite place to visit? North Carolina or Disney World

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