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Monday, December 21, 2015

Leave me some ideas for post's?

Sometimes .. It just never seems that I will meet prince charming.. the one who is suppose to sweep me off my feet and take my breath away.. Every guy I seem to run into isn't serious nor do they want something real.. but we're still in high school and I guess that's the perks of being in high school still right? Immaturity and drama galore.. I've been so busy and stressed with school that I haven't had the chance to catch you guys up on what's been going on! I am currently on Christmas break and about half way through my senior year of high school! It's so crazy to think that it is almost January! Any other school year and time would've passed by extremely sloooooow. Each and every day I get more and more excited thinking about college but at the same time I am also sad. I've always been told to cherish the memories in high school because one- you can't get them back, and two-you're going to look back someday and wish you could go back to such a simpler time. I'm scared to see what my future holds for me.. Wouldn't it be amazing if we could somehow fast forward to see if things turn out good for us.. Like do we finish college.. find a job.. have a family.. and most importantly see if we are happy... I do agree that would be so super duper cool but God is in control and I know that His plan for me is far greater than anything I could EVER imagine so I will let things take it's course and let God lead me down whatever path He may be pulling me toward! I know that my journey these next couple of months/years will be rocky but I am totally up for the challenge! I'm wanting to blog more.. I know I know.. I say this every time but I'm serious..! I just need some tips or ideas for my blog..Maybe some posts you would like to see being put up!

Leave me some ideas below! 

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