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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Just the typical ranting post. lol

I've come to the conclusion that .. some things are just not meant to work out.. I've spent my whole life trying to please people and make sure they're okay but you know what.. I haven't even stopped a single second to make sure I was okay. It's like I've been running an endless amount of miles fixing or helping to mend patches in peoples lives that aren't necessarily the best but I haven't stopped to catch my breath. & to be honest I've gotten to the point where.. I can't keep running anymore. I can't help others and give others advice when I can't even take my own advice.. A lot of stuff has been on my mind the past couple of days.. I started back talking to an old friend of mine.. well for the second time! Just as friends though.. ! Well way back when I had the biggest crush on this person.. but I don't know .. thing's changed. & I feel so stupid because.. I'm the type of girl that doesn't admit how she feels .. I've always done that & I don't know why.. I like someone but I have a chance with them I always second guess myself and tell the person I don't like them.. but yet when I see they have moved on & are happy I get super jealous..I mean.. does that mean I still have feelings toward that person?


I'm tired of turning people away .. 

On a more positive note though.. I am headed toward the Bahamas in TWO DAYS! Lot's of pictures to come! Super excited to be taking my third cruise! It's truly a memory I will never forget! Oh! & won't forget all the amazing food either <3 lol.. how has everyone been? Any good New Years Resolutions...? Let me hear em!

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