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Friday, December 4, 2015

I'm back.. alright let's talk...

HEY GUYS! So.. I know you all are probably wondering where I have been.. considering it's been a couple of months since I last posted. Well, senior year has taken a toll on me! I have so much studying and homework and activities outside of school for school that it is just.. woah. A bit overwhelming! Haha but I wouldn't change it for a thing I love being a busy bee! I thought I would just put up a post not anything to interesting or exciting and let you guys know I'm still here. I know I haven't been as active as I should be but still.. I care a lot about this blog and continue to put it to good use!

So today I wanted to bring up and issue that has been heavily debated worldwide and that's suicidal thoughts/depression. If anything had to upset me or hurt me it would be to see how many teenagers battle such horrible things. I am here to not only make you laugh on this blog but to be a friend if that's the case. If you have ever been depressed/had suicidal thoughts or if you currently are just know that I am here for you. Whether it be two in the morning.. four in the afternoon.. it doesn't matter! I will try to get back to you as soon as possible! I hope that by me writing this you get some insight as to just how precious and valuable your life is. Don't just throw it all away.. God has a purpose for you!! Let Him work wonders.. Let Him take you far in life.. more importantly let Him I pray for you.. I pray things will get better with time.. I pray that you find the courage and strength to confide in someone and let them be there to help you and support you! Please understand how valuable your life is.. there will never be another you! Never.. and you're so unique, God made you special.. one of a kind.. I know sometimes it may feel like you've hit rock bottom but trust me.. You will make it through! You're strong.. you can turn your life upside down and around.. you can strive to make things better! All it takes its.. a little effort. That's it.. I believe in every single one of you.. that no matter what life throws at you.. you won't let it knock you off your feet. Please don't hesitate to message me if you're going through a tough time! 

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