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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Reaching out doesn't mean your weak .. it makes you stronger !

As an individual who's being bullied or feeling alone: could scream from the mountain tops and never be heard.You could wear the brightest clothing yet still.. never be recognized. You could have the most soothing and calming voice yet never be heard or listened to.. There are thousands of teens who feel this way Those who feel like..they don't matter or no one would ever care about them.. There's those who get bullied every single day whether it be at school or a matter of fact anywhere in public. It breaks my heart to see so many individuals taking their own lives because they feel they don't have another way out.. I feel sorry for those who cut to numb the pain only if it does last for a few quick seconds... I'm here to tell each and every one of you.. Those who feel lonely .. hurt.. betrayed..I am here for you ! I will make time to talk to you if you're hurting! Don't ever think for a second that no one cares about you because I do! Shoot me an email.. comment below.. there's plenty of ways you can get in contact with me! Don't feel ashamed to ask for help.. no I don't know everything or know all the answers but I am willing to listen and be a shoulder to cry on! It's nice to have support from more than just friends or family.. turn towards God! Talk to him.. confide in him .. and I promise you won't regret it ! God works miracles <3 

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