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Saturday, February 28, 2015

"So not cool Saturday !"

I would love to add some new segments to my blog to attract more viewers and make this blog more enjoyable.. So.. I came up with "So not cool Saturday!" Each Saturday I will post an embarrassing personal experience type story.. Lets face it , we as teens have millionssss of embarrassing moments and it just so happens that i'm willing to share mine with you ! Not only will I post my own experiences but if you feels comfortable messaging me your's I would be more than happy to include it in my blog! I will give full credit to you whether you want to remain anonymous or add your name to it! :) So.. lets start off with my first story for this lovely Saturday afternoon!

~ This story happened quite awhile ago.. I was in ehh I don't know.. 5th grade back then. Well when we as students would get in trouble or not turn in homework we had to walk laps around are playground! Me being the talker I am had to walk laps one day.. It was the day after it had rained a lot so it was pretty nasty outside. Well I was walking and I got down to my last lap I believe and decided to run to see exactly how many kids I could beat and just to show off well .. I started to run and I slipped and fell of the step of the playground and fell into a HUGEEE puddle of mud.. I was covered from head to toe and when I stood up it just dripped off of me ! I felt so embarrassed!

Has there ever been a time when you slipped and fell in a mud puddle ? Comment below ! I'd love to read your responses!

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