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Wednesday, February 11, 2015


At times we tend to put ourselves before others.. today in my Christian class my teachers lesson really got to me~ she said J.O.Y stands for Jesus~Others~And then yourself .. It reminds us that Jesus should be above everything.. then others...and then to think of yourself lastly. My teacher said when you live a life based off of "J.O.Y" then you will see changes in your life.. not only will it better your life but it will be a life God wants you to live.. She said we can't expect to ask God for forgiveness if we can't even forgive others who do wrong towards us.. which is again a very hard concept to accept! Teens today say how am I suppose to forgive my best friend that stabbed me in the back or my ex-boy friend who cheated on me? Well... God never said it would be easy to do but its something we should do how can we ask God for forgiveness but not forgive someone else in return? So... I have a mission for you all ! From now on.. from this day on.. put others before yourself. Do you know someone who you've had drama with? Message them trying to make things better be the bigger person, forgive them.. forgive and forget ! It will take a lot of stress and worrying off of you trust me and always always put Jesus above anything! Before yourself ...your friends...your electronics...ect! Just think when that time comes and you ascend to Heaven your belongings will be left here on earth you don't get to pack up your iphone...40 inch flat screen...and your laptop! I'm not saying don't use these things or throw them out but don't let your life revolve around them! Enjoy the beautiful life God has granted you <3

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