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Sunday, March 6, 2016

I'm so close guys...

So.. I am happy to say that I graduate May 25th... which is..  NOT THAT FAR AWAYY! I am literally so excited.. but yet I am also kinda sad.. I know these next few weeks are going to being that we have Spring break.. Senior skip day.. Senior camp out day.. UGH I can't believe all my hard work is finally paying off... 12 long years finally well almost over with.. & then .. It's off to college for me for the next four years ! :) I actually just got my stuff for graduation day Friday so of course I was super emotional! lol.

Then after graduation is SENIOR WEEK! Which will be fun.. Right now I'm just worried about getting through the third quarter of school.. Always the hardest & the quarter that takes forever to pass by... So many tests, projects, quizzes due... 

When is you guys graduation date that is.. if you're a senior?

What's something you will miss about high school! COMMENT BELOW!

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