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Monday, September 21, 2015

Is this real life..

guys... today I went outside to check the mail box for like the 500th time these past two weeks & I finally got my acceptance letter! I'm going to college! & to make it even better it's the college I've dreamed of going to. Every time I would ride past it i'd be just so amazed at how beautiful the campus was! Now.. next fall I will get to call it my home away from home! I literally was crying today.. No. Joke.

I think it's so amazing how God works.. He blessed me with this opportunity...

He just works in amazing mysterious ways!

Every where I went after that today I blared my Christian playlist from the internet and basically just jammed out !

I literally felt so emotional today knowing that things are finally sinking in and setting into place..

A huge hardship has been lifted off my shoulders.. I don't have to worry about what i'm going to do after highschool or if i'm going to be able to get into college.. I'm so happy and content with the choice I made..

I feel that this University will welcome me with open arms and their love for God is never ending and that make's me love it 10x more! I can't wait to see where this journey takes me !

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