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Friday, June 26, 2015

Is anyone out there?

Often times people wonder will they ever find the perfect someone.. Myself included! Sometimes i've been upset because I feel as if I will never find the perfect guy who loves me for me..I get in the mind set of.. I'm not good enough or no one could ever love me truly for me.. Well here's what I say to those struggling with the doubt and curiosity of .. "Will my prince charming or princess ever reveal themselves?"


You have your whole life to find that certain someone or.. well for them to find you! I have found that the harder you look the farther away you're from actually finding them.. Who knows, the person you may end up being with could be walking past you everyday and you not even know it !

Focus on friends,family,and goals, and for me God! I personally put these four things above all relationships .. You have to set goals to get somewhere in life! Whats a boyfriend going to do if you don't have any life goals of working or.. going to college.. or something like that!

I try to tell everyone this.. but each and every one of you are so special and unique .. & deserve happiness .. happiness just might come a little sooner for others.. I will admit I have yet to find a guy who is.. decent. I don't want a 6'5 model with abs and a perfect smile.. lol come on that's not realistic.. I just want someone who will be real with me. But .. In the mean time.. until that certain someone decides to reveal themselves .. ENJOY life! 

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