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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Do you guys mind if I rant a bit...

I feel so hurt .. and betrayed.

Moving schools was never an easy thing for me.. My main concern was my friends.. I was worried about my friends..

But, as time went on I realized that I needed to focus on grades.. that I needed to better myself education wise so I made the choice to move schools and let me just say it took a lot of thought.. I went back and forth for weeks trying to decide whether I should stay or go! Well I ended up moving and let's just say I figured things out rather quickly.. Friends come.. and they go...

You know what really sucks? Friends that drop you like your some kind of bad habit.. Like you don't even matter anymore. The majority of my friends went from calling/texting/ect. everyday or every other day to barley reaching out to me.. Not only does it make me kinda upset but frustrated and angry.. Being that i've always been there to support others but when I need something its just... unheard of.

Moving schools was by far the BEST decision i've made in awhile. Freshman year I was known as the girl who cried .. a lot... The girl who couldn't stick up for herself.. The girl who let others walk all over her.. & I... I just didn't want to be like that anymore.. I was tired of feeling like the weakest person or the one who couldn't defend herself.. I let others walk all over me because I was AFRAID to lose their friendship! I put up with drama for the sake of my friends ! I won't lie.. I've had my part in drama a few times.. i've talked about people.. some of my closest friends .. and that was a HUGE mistake but the fact is.. we all did it.. 

I got to the point where I was tired of going through the same ole' things.. I was tired of waking up knowing what the day was going to be like .. I wanted a FRESH start.. wanted to start over.. Where no one knew me.. 

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