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Friday, April 3, 2015

Spring breakin' it! We are truly blessed..

As you guys already know i've been off for quite some time now! Things have been so hectic and crazy that I haven't really had much time at all to blog! I've been busy registering for my SENIOR classes next year! I am so so sooo excited.. but at the same time nervous and scared because that means i'm one step closer to college! So today I just wanted to talk about the true meaning of Easter... what would you say if I asked what is the true meaning of Easter? As a kid I always was so excited to wake up and see if the Easter bunny had come... and I was super excited for the Easter egg hunts! I agree all that is fun but what we should really be thinking about is Jesus! I know I know... I have my opinion and you have yours.. If you don't believe or you're not a christian then.. so be it! I'm here to speak to those who do believe and have a burning love and passion for Christ! Or those who want to be christian but don't know anyone really to talk to.. I'm here to tell you that I am here to talk if you want! As long as you're respectful and nice to me I will do the same in return! Have questions? I may be able to answer them.. If not I can ask someone who might or search around and find something! I don't know everything but I am willing to talk to any of you if needed! Comment below and get in touch with me, I will respond in no time! So.. true meaning of Easter, it all starts with Jesus and the suffering he went through to save our sins, I believe and know for a fact in my heart that Jesus Christ died on the cross for not only me but for you ... and you... and you.. and all of you! This weekend is for sure something.. within the span of three days Jesus died and rose from the dead. When I think about this .. this is what I say... how is it that someone who had never met me in person but only knew of me could risk their lives for me and suffer for me? It shows me just how much Jesus cares for me and loves me! He didn't have to do that... but he did it willingly! There is no greater love than that! If we think about it we are truly blessed... to have someone care so much for us.. Many question how Christians know that the bible is real and that Jesus is real.. and all this. My only answer for them is .. I walk by faith, that even when I cannot see Jesus I know he is there with me and there for me! Again... If any of you would like someone to talk to i'd be more than happy to! I'm not saying you have to! You have your own opinions but just if ya want to!:) God bless..! <3 

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