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Saturday, March 14, 2015

So Not Cool Saturday #2

So lets do a little time traveling back to my middle school years... I believe it was either 6th or 7th grade when my band decided to take a trip to carowinds .. I've never really been all that excited about it considering I HATE roller coasters but hey why not ? and... the guy I had a huge crush on was going ! When I say huge crush I mean HUGEEEEE crush ! Well... we had just unloaded the bus and got all of our instruments out so we were just chilling waiting to play for the judges! Just so happens one of my good friends thought they would pick on me saying how I wanted to ride rides with my crush.. lets just say his name is "Alex" well they kept laughing and saying stuff and finally I was so embarrassed I blurted out .. "I WANNA RIDE THE INTIMIDATOR WITH ALEX" but I by no means meant to say his name ! I meant to say my friends name guess he was just on my mind? lol so embarrassing his mom was there and everyyythhinnnggggg D:

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