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Sunday, March 1, 2015


So.. It's about that time again.. Warm weather..Shorts.. SPRING  BREAK! Whether you're going to the beach..the mountains..Disney World.. or anywhere really there are things that I feel are a must have or a necessity when going on a road trip!

~Bathing-Suit: No matter where you're going I would always bring a bathing suit because odds our you're either headed to a beach or a place with a swimming pool!

~ Spring/Summer Dress/Dresses: Lets face it the weather is getting warmer and you don't want to be trapped in some hot sweaty clothes bring a couple of nice dresses that you could wear out to eat or just to have a little fun(going to the water/amusement park/ ect.)

~Sunglasses/Hat: Perfect for walks along the beach!

~Beach towel/Beach Bag: You need something to carry your stuff down to the water so why not buy a bag of some sort! They're not expensive at all ! I would also recommend bring a plastic type sandwich bag to place the things you don't want wet or ruined in.. For example, Money..Cellphone..Wallet

~Shorts: Any type of shorts is perfect to pack.. Like said above it is likely to be hot and if you're walking a lot its best to wear shorts .. especially if you're going to the beach and walking along the water!

~Sunscreen: This is probably one of the most important things you can pack for a trip.. Being sunburned results in a miserable trip! You don't feel like doing anything and more importantly you look like a lobster.. Please please please bring sunscreen!

~Flip-flops/Walking shoes: I always bring two pair of shoes .. I bring an inexpensive pair of flip-flops that I wouldn't mind getting dirty and I bring some sort of walking/running shoes just in case we're planning on doing a lot of walking that day or going on a hike!

~Water Bottle: It's important to stay hydrated any where you go ! If you plan on going somewhere where you're staying busy and always on the go.. or like I said taking a hike I would recommend bring some sort of water bottle!

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