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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Who knew liking someone could be soo.... DIFFICULT!

Have you guys ever liked someone so much much but knew it would never work out? That no matter how hard you tried... how pretty you tried to be for him that things like that wouldn't make a difference? These past couple of days I've done nothing but think.. It hurts to know that i'm holding on for nothing yet at the same time it hurts to let go and act like I don't care you know? Why does liking someone have to be so complicated ??? It just blows my mind to know that I spent so much time saying I like him and being there for him and just ugh... what do you guys think should I hold on a little while longer? Or should I save myself the heartbreak and just move on??  I mean I really like this guy its just.. I can't wait for something that may never happen!


  1. Ughh I have always had this problem: I like guys but I never tell anyone because I think it's already destined for failure. I am not the most experienced but I usually just push some of the hurt down and keep living. There's always hope but never let yourself down because better times are just around the corner!

    1. Thank you so much and thank you for commenting! :)