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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Teen Fitness Its Time For A Change

So... After eating a couple pieces of pizza this morning and cleaning the house I decided to get on the scale ! WRONG CHOICE.. I went from weighing 179 which is already not the best to a total amount of nearly 187 POUNDS! I am in complete shock and so so ashamed..Prom is just around the corner and I certainly do not want to start off like this ! I always say i'm going to start a diet and exercise plan but I can never ever stick to it ! I want to lose about 35 pounds I know I know .. seems like a lot but over a period of time ! Not all at once..Does anyone have any tips/exercise routines/or inspiration? I'm planning on updating on this blog with progress and my experience over all! Let's see how this works out ! 

~Have any tips? PLEASE comment below!

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