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Monday, February 9, 2015

Who is Jesus?

Recently I got asked by a good friend of mine a question I didn't really know the answer to. He said "suppose someone came up to you and said who is Jesus I want to learn more about him" .. What would your response be to them? The moment he asked me that I lost my train of thought! I've always known Jesus and been thankful for all he has done for me but I couldn't put into words WHO exactly he was.. I found it very difficult to make up a witness response, what if that was to happen? If I was in school or walking around somewhere and I had the opportunity to witness to someone? Although it would be a miracle and something amazing would I be prepared to answer all their questions? Let me tell you how I would handle the situation:

Who is Jesus? :

Jesus is our savior.. he died on the cross to save our sins! He gave up his right to live to save us.. we as individuals sin, its natural for us to sin that's something we will always do but if we believe in our hearts that Jesus was crucified to save our sins and then rose three days later and ascended into Heaven and ask for forgiveness then we will be saved. We cant just think that it happened we have to know for sure in our hearts and be fully dedicated to Jesus and God! I got told at winter-jam that faith and religion isn't something we can necessarily see as of now but something that we have to trust and feel/know is there! Jesus loves us all no matter what the circumstances may be.. just think about it you must really have to love someone and be dedicated to them to risk your own life for them.. Jesus and God have a plan for us all I half heard of multiple people say "well.. then why do bad things continue to happen in my life?" and my response would be.. God does not put you through anything you cannot handle.. A quote I think of is .. "God gives his toughest battle to his strongest soldiers" Let me tell you something around the beginning of November I lost a great friend of mine.. for days I was in a slump I cried and cried and cried thinking why? my friend has so much going for him such a great future ahead.. but you know what got me through the tough times? God.. I know that he has a plan for everything and that maybe.. just maybe he needed my friend more than I did. Things are never going to be perfect in life there's always going to be times when you're brought down but you just have to put your trust in God! Pray to him.. ask him for directions in life or to help you see the way <3 Just remember .. you can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens you !

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