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Monday, February 9, 2015

I am beautiful because God made me in his image..

While on pinterest I stumbled upon a quote.. which is my title up there ! I just wanted to talk about this specific quote for a bit.. Out of all the things on that particular pinterest page this one caught my eye ! Many girls in society feel they're not good enough. Maybe they feel they're not pretty enough .. not skinny enough.. or maybe they think they need make up to look pretty! I won't lie.. I use make up because to be honest it does make me feel prettier.. Is that a good thing no, but at the end of the day I do know God loves me the way I am.. as a teenage girl its hard to not listen to the girls who make fun of you or the guys who rate you and say you're not the cutest.. I understand that! What we as women/girls do need to realize though is that God loves us no matter how we look he thinks we're beautiful just the way we were created...flaws and everything ! During those tough times when we fill we have no one to turn to .. that's where God steps in! He's always been there for us, through times of trouble.. or when we just need someone to listen! Don't ever feel like you're alone or not good enough for anyone because at the end of the day God loves us all unconditionally <3

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