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Saturday, February 6, 2016

So Not Cool Saturday...


So.. I haven't posted one of these posts in a LONG time .. You know.. It goes like this.. I tell an embarrassing story and you all laugh at me right? Lol that's okay though.. I enjoy making others laugh... just as long as you're laughing with me and not at me!:) So.. Let me think.

OH! Okay.. I've got a pretty embarrassing memory to share.. I think it was freshman year when this happened.. So, let me just start off by saying I LOVE going to plays. I find drama & acting to be super fascinating and cool. I know I know.. Complete nerd but anyways! That's besides the point.. So I had decided to go to the Grease play with my best friend & we decided to sit on the very top row.. well, there was SO many people there & obviously the show was great! Well.. before an intermission was called me and my friend decided we wanted to get up and I assume get some food before the crowd let out for intermission.. well there was no way for us to get out because again there was so many people so we decided to step up over the seats. Well, my friend did it in such a calm and orderly manor .. Well I was like hey! I can do that.. I go to step over the chair and my leg falls in between the seat. Also, let it be known that it became super quiet when I fell .. Every one around started to look around and it was just.. so embarrassing.. also it was the fact that my leg was STUCK & I started to panic which.. we all know worrying makes things ten times worse. But.. thankfully I ended up laughing it off... shrugging it off and of course getting my leg unstuck! XD So.. that night wasn't to terribly bad!!

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