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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Get to know someone before you begin to judge.

I am more than the make-up upon my face and the shiny soft hair that feels like lace. My clothes that I wear? Yea they may be cute but those clothes..? They don't define me.You want to know what defines me?

The willingness I have to do anything in my power to succeed and make my life worth living. Not only to make my life worth living but others as well.

Today my school had a Student Council meeting.. Well, one topic brought up was bullying. I have not a single ounce of tolerance for bullying but you know whats crazy.. That even I have bullied. I will admit that ! NONE of us are perfect. As human beings I feel that not all of us can say they have never judged someone.. because it's hard not to! You get caught up with friends.. you want to seem cool and fit in... then BOOM you're just as bad as the rest of them. Bullying is a habit that we as a society have let slip through our hands.. bullying has been tossed to the side as if it doesn't mean a thing.

Well you know what.. It means a lot actually especially if you're the one being bullied.

There are days when kids are so scared of what will happen at school that they feel it's their only option to stay at home.

People talking about their weight.. or height.. or style.. or teeth!

I'm a firm believer of .. We should learn to except others for what's on the inside. To see them for who they truly are.. and like I said it can be hard to do! Just think of this though.. If God had made us all the same there would be a lack of originality .. no one would have any unique qualities.. we would all be boring. So just think about that.. Next time you want to hurt others by saying cruel words think of that.

For some inspiration I would suggest checking out a video called: Nick Vuijicic- Love Without Limits-Bully Talk

During our meeting today we watched this video and it left me absolutely speechless.... The point this individual is trying to get across is remarkable! Seriously go check his video out!

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  1. This post is great for people going through bullying, I admire your bravery to admit that you have been there in the past. That takes a lot!

    Its easy for someone to say that they are against bullying when really they are just as bad as the bully without realising.