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Sunday, April 5, 2015

If I was to do a contest would anyone participate?:(

Hey guys.. I'm back yet again trying to do another contest! In other situations where i've tried to put together a contest NO one participates so it seems kind of pointless .. but i'm hoping this time maybe a few of you will respond & be apart of this contest?!

So.. for this contest it's all about originality, I want YOU to explain to me why you love blogging or why you do it! It doesn't have to be a set amount of words it doesn't even have to be words! You can draw it... Sing it...Take pictures.. Write poetry.. ANYTHING your heart desires! 

I really haven't considered what the winner will get.. but I do know I would LOVE if the winner could maybe write a piece for my blog! Of course, I would give you credit.. promote your blog.. & possibly in return write a piece for yours as well! :) Just email me your contest entry at !

Contest starts today: April 5th & End on April 12th! So go ahead and get your entry in! I'm looking for something creative & worth reading ! Something I could possibly share with all my viewers ! :) Thanks again & I hope you guys will consider entering !

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