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Saturday, March 7, 2015

~Advice can go a long ways~

So.. for this blog post i'm going to be talking about the piece of advice I have been given that's inspired me the most or made the biggest impact on my life.

I'd have to say that piece of advice would be "To always be yourself"

Yea yea I know.. it's probably what everyone says and i'm sure you've heard it about a thousand times.. but I think this piece of advice has been the most beneficial in my lifetime ! There's been time's when I haven't necessarily been confident with my looks but thinking back to times when i've felt down my friends and family have always told me to love me for me and not worry what others think.. This piece of advice has got me through the good.. the bad.. and the ugly ! 

~Whats the piece of advice that you have got and have found to have the biggest impact on your life?

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